Enhanced support for custom business terminology

We have added some new features to Zoined analytics service. Here is a list of the major changes:

  • For Tekso and Crafthouse kassa.fi customers we have added campaign and payment type data available to the service and those new fields can be used as data filters and grouping options as well.

  • Admin users can now change also names of data groupings and filters as well as metrics. This means that it is possible to e.g. change “Category” to be called as “Product Group” if that is a more familiar term to users. The changed names are then automatically available everywhere in the service including the email reports. The changes can be done by admin users at: Company settings\Settings\Grouping configuration and Filter configuration.


  • Admin users can now disable selected dimensions from being available as filters or groupings. Disabling/enabling has been already earlier supported for reports and metrics. The functionality can be used to e.g. hide data with bad data quality to prevent false interpretations.

  • Admin users can now “push” email reports on demand to end users. End user needs to have the subscription set for the report in question. The on-demand push can be done at: Company settings\Analytics Post Subscriptions by clicking the “Send latest” button. This is useful when testing what kind of email report exactly would be useful for the user or if an email report needs to be resent for some reason (e.g. resend a weekly report on Tuesday because on Monday there were data issues in the report that have been solved since).

  • We have enabled pie chart as a visualization option for email reports section type called “Top section”. Bar charts are still the default option and those typically work much better in data visualization. However, pie charts also have their strengths in certain situations. Take a look at an example here >

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