World Class Performance in Big Data without Hadoop

For smooth dashboard user experience the traditional Hadoop architectures cannot provide fast enough response times in a way a distributed column-oriented data warehouse cluster can. That is why Zoined achieves amazing results in Analytics by using a combination of a column-based solution and a multi-level caching architecture together with the Zorbas engine.

Zorbas is a special analytics query engine developed by Zoined that enables complex queries beyond the limitations of traditional SQL queries. The analytics engine has been developed from the start with high performance in mind and the key features include dynamic metadata driven query structures that can on the fly handle complicated data series combinations and aggregations.

To demonstrate the performance in a real life high volume data warehousing scenario, we recently ran a benchmarking test with help of one of our customers – a large retail chain. The goal of the test was to demonstrate the performance and response times of the Zoined platform when data to be analysed consists of 2‌ billion real life receipt rows.

Test Results

  • 66% of the queries returned the results within the first second
  • 95% of the queries returned the results in under 4,3 seconds

Query response time distribution (2 000 000 000 real life receipt rows) in seconds:
Response time 1

Query response time distribution within the majority of queries in the first 0,7 seconds (2 000 000 000 real life receipt rows) in milliseconds:
Response time 2

Zoined ‘s cloud based data warehouse cluster enables efficient scaling options to achieve high performance also in cases where the amount of data is greater than the dataset used in this benchmark. Zoined is a truly scalable analytics platform that can satisfy high performance requirements from large retail enterprises with thousands of stores.

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