Client: Stjärnurmakarna

Zoined in Action

Stjärnurmakarna is a chain of 40 stores located throughout Sweden. They have been using Zoined for four years and use the software throughout the whole business – from supplier management to increasing sales and everything in between.

Peter Simonsson, CEO at Stjärnurmakarna says: “With many integrations to other systems already in place, Zoined was up and running very rapidly. Very little training was required 

to make use of the hundreds of dashboards, reports and KPIs that come out-of-the-box with the system and tailor them into exactly the insights we need throughout the organisation. As our requirements change we can easily ourselves update the reports and dashboards and spread to the concerned users and don’t need to involve external consultants.

It’s a system that’s meant to be used in several levels of an organisation. It’s easy to distribute information to stakeholders throughout the organisation with automated email reports. And the system is visual and intuitive enough to enable users to tailor reports and really find the data they need to make the decisions important to them.” 

Stjärnurmakarna also use the cloud-native unified commerce platform and POS from Sitoo which integrates with Zoined in real time.


What is Sitoo?

Sitoo is a cloud-native POS powered by a unified commerce platform for global retailers. The game-changing solution enables retailers to unify all stores and online sales channels in real time and empower store associates to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience.

With the same information across all touchpoints, retailers can sell and fulfill everything anywhere and handle returns everywhere. The result is streamlined inventory management, exceeded customer expectations and never-missed sales.

Sitoo is built for integration and speed of implementation and the unified commerce platform provides all the flexibility and cost efficiency that comes with cloud-native technology. Provided as a SaaS all continuous updates are included and automatically made available for all Sitoo customers.


What does the integration between Sitoo & Zoined look like and how does it benefit retailers?

Modern day retailers simply can’t afford to run their businesses on hunches anymore. Sitoo is best-of-breed for POS software and unified commerce and Zoined is best-of-breed for retail analytics. 

A key driver behind this partnership is to combine these two best-of-breed solutions – with their modern, easy-to-use APIs – to integrate between different systems and provide retailers with a plug-and-play retail app analytic solution.

One of the key things when combining the two solutions is retailers get the best of both worlds in terms of real-time data and analytics. They are able to analyse their data from anywhere, at any time, on any device and be totally updated on their business and how it’s performing.

Zoined’s business intelligence software gives retailers actionable insights and foresights – easily and visually. It will act as a powerful extension to the Sitoo unified commerce platform, allowing retailers to ‘act on facts’ in real-time and make better, data-driven decisions for their business.

Sasa Moilanen, CEO at Zoined, says: “Sitoo is a very modern, innovative company who aren’t afraid to partner with other best-of-breed companies to offer a total solution to the customer. They are technically advanced with a modern solution that makes real-time data transfer a reality and doesn’t carry any legacy burden to it. They are very good partners to have because, like us, they have a solution that’s easy to integrate with modern APIs and we both share global ambitions to grow and reach more customers around the world.”