FDT System and Zoined partner to provide Electrolux Home with truly actionable insights

“Our sales data sent by FDT Sellus is updated near real time to Zoined so the performance of the whole chain or of each individual store or sales person is always easy to access and analyse. Zoined is really fast to use and easy to learn so we can allocate management’s time to analysis and decision making instead of manually creating reports. Visual interactive dashboards with drill downs and scheduled email reports help keep us updated all the time on our business performance. We use Zoined to understand like-for-like sales as well as also analysing visitors and conversions besides sales and inventories data”.

Magnus Tallmark,
Business development, Electrolux Home

FDT Systems have a long history of developing ERP and point of sale systems for Nordic retailers. “We are now further strengthening our offering by being able to provide a best of breed retail analytics solution through a flexible integration between FDT Sellus REST API and Zoined Analytics REST APIs”, says Katarina Hökfors, MD at FDT System AB.

“We are really happy to have partnered with FDT and are able to contribute to Electrolux having the actionable data needed to make important business decisions. The updated data from FDT Sellus is combined with visitor counting data in Zoined Analytics to produce insights which can be acted upon”, says Henrik Archenholtz, VP of Sales at Zoined.

For more information please contact:
Katarina Hökfors, MD at FDT System AB, katarina.hokfors@fdt.se, +46 920243344
Henrik Archenholtz, VP of Sales at Zoined Oy, henrik.archenholtz@zoined.com, +46 702426395