Zoined Case: Timanttiset

Client: Timanttiset

The Timanttiset group, founded in 1972, is the leading retailer and importer of watches, jewellery and giftware in Finland. The group has 12 member merchants with approximately 80 stores located across Finland. Together they form a nationwide group concentrating on marketing, importing and retailing.

Timanttiset uses a centralised system combining Point of Sale (PoS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This system provides business information in real time, but the challenge is that the information is split into various different reports and running those reports takes time. The reports also lack visualisations to help interpret the results faster.

Timanttiset found a solution to these challenges by deploying Zoined’s analytics service, gaining the ability to present sales data faster and in a clear format for all the merchants and stores.


“We can now easily monitor the business from chain level to merchant level and down to the store level”, said Timanttiset cooperative CEO, Sami Koskinen. “In addition, we can easily compare different merchants and stores performance against each other and against the chain benchmarks.”

As well as monitoring the business, the service helps plan store level purchasing and alignment of assortment on store level. Koskinen added: “Now we can quickly see which products and price categories are performing well in each store and can plan purchasing ever more accurately.”


Whereas the chain management is interested in the performance of the chain and merchants, the merchants themselves require more detailed analysis. Zoined’s flexible service serves these needs by allowing merchants to drill-down to the sales person, product and sales transactions level figures.

Koskinen commented: “With Zoined, the whole chain keeps up to date with current performance figures, all the way from management to individual sales persons. Everybody gets the information relevant to their role, as often as needed.”

The easy to use analytics also offers marketing benefits, said Koskinen: “Sales data shown in a clear visual format gives marketing staff the direct insight required to decide what to market and where.”

“Overall, deploying the Zoined service has had a highly positive impact on Timanttiset”, concluded Koskinen.