Zoined Case: Stjärnurmakarna

Client: Stjärnurmakarna

Cath Kidston Store

Stjärnurmakarna is a nationwide watches & jewellery chain in Sweden with about 40 stores owned and run by people who are passionate about the concept of time. Latest trends in watches and watch technology have been the focus of Stjärnurmakarna’s business since 1892.

Lennart Bäck, Stjärnurmakarna

According to Lennart Bäck, Stjärnurmakarna’s COO, the deployment of Zoined did not require much effort on their part: “we introduced it first to all stores in a meeting and then deployed it store by store to everyone within a month and a half ”. One of the key applications of Zoined for Lennart is supplier analytics. He uses Zoined in his meetings with suppliers and is now able to show on the spot how brands are performing, so that they can discuss potential improvements based on actual data. Brands’ proposal on the best selling articles did not always bring great results for the Swedish market because they were often based on data from other European markets, such as Germany or Spain. Nowadays the automated weekly email reports sent every Monday to contract suppliers show exactly how much their particular brand sold in Stjärnurmakarna stores. This transparency helps both parties a lot.