Zoined Case: Intersport

Client: Intersport

Intersport is the world’s leading sporting goods retailer with over 5,400 stores in 45 countries and annual sales of over €11 billion. The retailer has developed its competitive edge by offering a wide selection of brands for a variety of sports backed up by a team of highly knowledgeable staff. The strategy has been a recipe for success, also in Finland where Intersport leads the sportswear retail market.

Zoined’s retail analytics are at the heart of all decisions taken by the product managers. Zoined takes a store’s point of sale information and turns it into a visual format so that managers can quickly see the high level sales information and drill down into specific information about lines or items. This helps them make better decisions about which brands and products to stock.

Accessed through a web portal, Zoined helps Intersport to spot sales trends and ensure the stores stock the right products for their local customers’ buying preferences. Intersport also shares this information with its strategic suppliers helping them to get store and chain level visibility of their own lines.

Additionally, Zoined provides the chain’s management teams, and the Intersport members with an automatic summary email, which includes valuable insight on the latest sales trends. Zoined’s reports are detailed but very easy to interpret, making them a powerful addition to the Intersport decision making process.

Intersport member Risto Niklas-Salminen presenting the selection of Intersport Koskikeskus, Tampere, Finland.

Juha Nurminen, Chain Director, Intersport Finland Oy, commented: “Zoined worked with us to develop an analytics service that was right for us. Implementing the service was easy because Zoined had already built standard integration into the system Tekso, our point of sale (PoS) provider, supplies us with.”

Zoined worked with Intersport to define the contents of the email reports, added Nurminen. “Working with Zoined gives us the ability to provide our teams with the big picture and the finer details about the chain’s key performance indicators when we need it. It’s so important that the data we get is reliable and flawless as well as timely.”


“Zoined is an important tool for developing the operations with the strategic brands Intersport carries and informs how we liaise with suppliers – we can share detailed sales information by supplier and brand via Zoined. Thanks to the service, our suppliers are closer to Intersport’s customers. Now we can react quicker to what’s happening in the market.”

“We have trained the whole Intersport team – chain management, sales, purchasing and marketing teams as well as the members and key store managers – to use the Zoined retail analytics service. The service is an important tool that complements our ERP system, making it central to our chain management processes.”