Zoined Case: Gateau

Client: Gateau


Gateau’s mission is to run bakeries where customers can always rely on the highest quality of products and services. The business started in 1983 focussed on cafes, and currently comprises 37 bakery shops in 3 regions across Sweden. Gateau is nowadays a part of Fazer group and includes also 13 shops in Finland. Gateau’s business objective was to gain access to sales information and analytics on the spot in order to improve daily operations.

A/B testing is common in the online environment, but not widely used in traditional brick and mortar stores. Gateau, however, is a great example of how a test & learn attitude is key to continually improving business.

We have different hot spots in the stores. For example, the place where customers make their first stop, where they look at – all of that determines where we should place certain products. Knowing these hot spots gives us information on how much a certain placement choice decreases or increases sales. Zoined has been a great tool for us in this. We do A/B testing for campaigns as well. For example, we started “Buy 2 breads for a special price” campaign in one store, and now it has been scaled to all Gateau stores. However, what we are selling in Stockholm might not sell so well in Skåne or Gothenburg, for that reason all regions experiment separately and it is a continuous learning process.

Fredrik Eklund, Region Manager at Gateau, explains.