Zoined Case: GANT

Client: GANT

Lars Lönnqvist, the CEO of Pro Fashion Oy, saw an opportunity in Zoined Analytics Service which he had to take. Now the service is in daily use in all of the stores of this importer of the lifestyle trademark GANT.

Mr. Lönnqvist became interested in Zoined when a good friend, who is a Zoined customer, excitedly showed the features of the service on his mobile phone. However, because they were in a hurry, the introduction was quite short. A deeper understanding for the service evolved during a breakfast event where Zoined gave a presentation. After the convincing presentation Mr. Lönnqvist realized the excellence of the service and ended up ordering the service for his stores.

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”The core benefits of Zoined are the ease of use and clarity of the service. Excel’s endless sheets are replaced by a browser based software and automatic e-mail reports which both are always available. In addition, the data is easy to filter by your own needs”, Mr. Lönnqvist says.

Lars praises the automatic daily email reports which he checks through quickly even on weekends. He also examines the portal dashboards on a regular basis. Especially the views of daily sales and margins on chain and store level are interesting.

”We are constantly developing our operations and training our store managers to take advantage of the reports and the portal. Now the store managers can follow their sales on a daily basis with just one look and compare their business against other stores. A little competition increases the motivation of the sales people”, Lars happily points out.

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