Tilroy/E-life case study

Client: Tilroy/E-life

E-life is a Belgium-based retailer of vaporizers – also known as e-cigarettes – and e-liquids for consumers looking for an alternative to smoking without the tar and smell associated with traditional cigarettes.

E-life opened its first shop in 2014 in Ghent and has since expanded across the Flanders region. It now has six stores, the most recent of which opened in Mechelen.

E-life store window with the slogan

Having initially used an online CRM, invoicing and project management tool, E-life found that it needed a more substantial solution for managing its stock across multiple locations. It was clear that the existing solution did not have the capability to support the business as it grew.

E-life selected Tilroy to manage retail technology for the stores. Using an online cloud retail solution E-life can now control sales and stock across all the stores and integration with Zoined analytics provides improved visibility of sales information.

E-life owner and founder Cihan Kranda commented: “We grew fast in the beginning, and that continues. Before we brought Zoined on board, it was not possible to keep track of what is happening in all of the stores at all times. We recognised we needed a proven reporting tool.”

Kranda continued: “We now view Zoined’s analytics several times a day to check sales in real time. I can also monitor how we grow and check staff performance as they work on commission. We also use the data for training and learning up selling and cross selling skills.

“With Zoined, I can make my decisions a lot faster, based on real life figures if I need to, and managing the stock levels has become a lot easier and more precise.”

The e-cigarette market is rapidly changing as new trends come in and Zoined allows management to quickly identify what is selling well and make sure stock is managed appropriately, based on reliable data. The data is available on mobiles and tablets ensuring E-life’s management can access the information they need even when they are out on the road and travelling between stores.

The introduction of Zoined has helped E-life become much more efficient, added Kranda. “We are now able to order new e-cigarettes – even before we are out of stock of the old ones – as we can closely monitor our stock levels and can compare them to real time sales information.

“With Zoined we are definitely more efficient than our competition, and by stocking the right products and ensuring we never run out of key lines, it’s a lot better for our customers too.”

E-Life is now planning to capitalise on the success of the new solution by opening franchises throughout Belgium. Also on the horizon are ‘Tupperware parties’ where customers will be able to try the latest flavours of e-cigarettes from home, as this is no longer allowed in store due to local law.