Netropolis AB

All Pyramid ERP users now have the opportunity to turn their data into actionable insights

Netropolis AB, a renowned IT outsourcing and Pyramid consultancy partner, and Zoined, one of the leading out of the box Business Intelligence software providers, partner up to provide truly actionable insights from already existing Pyramid ERP data.

“The standard integration we have built between Pyramid and Zoined enables data to be updated near real-time. It also makes it possible to take Zoined Analytics into use in an instant” says Håkan Hedberg, CEO of Netropolis AB.

“Our objective is not to provide insights only to a handful of decision makers who have received a lot of training, but rather to make actionable insights available in all parts of an organisation to enable making the important short- and long term business decisions based on facts” says Henrik Archenholtz, VP of Sales at Zoined Oy.

Martin Leinstein, Head of Sale, Teknikmagasinet Nordic:

“At Teknikmagasinet we are very pleased to have chosen Zoined as our Business Intelligence tool. The system was easy to deploy, easy to learn, feels modern and fast. Overall it is an effective tool that supports us in the daily work of making important business decisions. The integration between Zoined and our business system Pyramid was delivered by Netropolis AB and we have also integrated with our visitor counting system. The integration works seamlessly in the background and provides near real-time data into Zoined. It enables us to during the day follow how, amongst other data, sales develop per product, sales person, sales in store level, and total sales. Since we have also made a sales budget in Zoined, we can always track our sales compared to our budget and how we are doing. Teknikmagasinet uses Zoined in many levels, from company management to assortment and product departments all the way to individual store level. The visual and interactive interface combined with the scheduled e-mail reports has meant that Zoined has become an integral part of our decision-making throughout the organisation. As each day passes more and more of us are seeing the real benefit of the system.”


For more information please contact:

Håkan Hedberg, CEO Netropolis AB:, +46 70 786 8453

Henrik Archenholtz, VP of Sales at Zoined Oy:, +46 70 242 6395