Client: Korna Pet
Korna Pets

Customer pain

Korna Natural Pet Supplies is a family-owned pet supply business from Vancouver, Canada. The owners’ mission is to deliver exceptional customer service and sell only high quality goods that contribute to improved health and wellbeing of their customers’ pets. Focusing on human-grade ingredients and products free of any additives, by-products, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Korna Pet shops won the love of locals and now expanded their operations to 3 different locations.

Korna Pet’s objective was to better understand their business performance in order to make the right investment decisions and enhance supplier relationship management. These key areas were faced with the following challenges:

  • Marketing spend was not backed up by data, which made it difficult to distinguish the main areas of performance & where to focus
  • The financial reporting element of vendor relationships were suffering, in particular, how much money was spent for each vendor as well as sales revenue performance

The Solution

According to Q Doh Pae, President at Korna Pet, the following improvements would not have been possible without access to Zoined:

  •  Justified marketing spends.
    With daily Zoined reports, trend analysis related to  daily transactions has become easy. Management are now able to make timely decisions on where to focus and deploy marketing resources and act swiftly when  planning in-store campaigns to operate more efficiently. Increased data visibility played a key role when one particular store saw a decline in order volume caused by increased competition in the area (from 2 to 5 stores). Aiming to reverse this situation, extra marketing resource focused on upsell goals.

“There would have been no other way to see whether the trend was going up or down without Zoined’s graph”,
says Q.

  • Strengthened vendor relationship.
    Meetings with suppliers became more number-focused after Korna Pet was able to show detailed breakdown of how much money was spent for each vendor and how many sales had been made. This led to renegotiation contract terms. Q mentions a couple of recent examples with two major vendors who agreed to offer ongoing discounts after Korna Pet showed them data: “It is really huge for us. With one of the vendors we used to get 4% discount for a certain dry food, and after showing them a noticeable increase in sales, they were able to give us 6% ongoing”.

Customer value

From the management team’s perspective, Zoined has had a positive impact on Korna’s daily operations, which is particularly visible in the following areas:

  • Access to all data in one place.
    Zoined dashboard is a powerful tool which is not only visually appealing but also allows users to effortlessly find key information without delay. Visibility of all KPI data is available in one place and only a click away.
  • KPI monitoring.
    Korna Pet’s most frequently used metrics adding business value are the monthly report email, daily email report, sales and the number of transactions. 
  • Time Saving.
    Tremendous amounts of time have been saved by removing the need to manually create reports in tools such as Excel, at least 3-4 hours weekly. 

According to Q: “Time-saving alone saves us more than Zoined subscription fee. Nonetheless, Zoined provides more benefit that just that.”

  • Data-driven decision.
    Making timely decisions, be it increasing marketing spend, campaign planning or assistance in vendor negotiations.



Q shares his experience since taking the Zoined analytics service into use 3 years ago. He, as an early adapter found the solution beneficial from the beginning:

“With Zoined, you don’t have to do too much to get the result, it is a turn-key product. Even though we don’t use it as much as we should, it is giving us a bigger picture”.

In the immediate future, Korna Pet are looking into combining budget and inventory data into one system, which would be extremely useful for both management and staff. Smaller additions, including weather data wouldn’t take much effort but are still a valuable piece of the whole data puzzle. Another area of interest is customers’ geolocation information in the form of a heatmap which would help with creating targeted marketing campaigns for in-store customers.