Zoined V3.3.3: New “Company Reports” section and user guide

Zoined Retail Analytics Service V3.3.3 has been released with focus on improving capabilities to share reports between users. We have listed the updates below, but you can also see the “Company Reports” concept introduced in this video:

In V3.3.3:

New “Company Reports” section in the analytics page

  • Admin users can save reports for all users in report “save as” menu by selecting a tick box: Shared (Company
    Report) and they can enforce the report to be automatically opened with users default store data by selecting a tick
    box “Limit results by users default parameters”.

New version of user guide

  • User guide has been updated to include more thorough descriptions of different functionalities of the service and
    of the content and functionality of the various reports available. You can find the user guide by clicking your user
    name in the service or via this link >

Also the navigation in analytics page has been changed for two reports to be more consistent: You can now find the
“Sales Patterns” report only from the Organization menu and the “Sales Trend” report only from the Assortment menu.

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