Retail Analytics: does Retail Need Vertica like a Fish Needs a Bike?

As a Vertica partner, Zoined is well placed to explain the benefits Vertica brings to the retail industry.

Some Fish Are Meant To Fly

And that’s exactly what Zoined MD Styrbjörn Torbacke will be doing as a guest speaker in an upcoming Vertica webinar, which also features analyst Dana Gardner.

The free webinar, which takes place on 7 September (with on-demand viewing available after that date), will look at how analytics has transformed retail, its operations and how it interacts with customers to provide an enhanced experience.

It will also explain how the latest technology can be used to better understand data, no matter how it is collected or stored. Smart retailers are making their data meaningful by using these new techniques to visualise data in real-time.

Zoined’s Retail & Hospitality Analytics is a cloud based SaaS product, which out of the box contains 90-95% of the metrics and KPIs used by retailers and hospitality operators to track and monitor their businesses, giving them support for smarter decisions and actions in key areas such as assortment, cross-sell and staff performance optimisation, all in real time.

Styrbjörn will describe how to combine, correlate and present operational insights in real time to relevant staff in a retail environment.

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