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Management text books are speaking of involving, including, participating and enabling your organization. What is this all about? Relevant is to reduce threshold to get involved.


Balanced Scorecards are based on the same principle.

  • When people feel they can influence their work they thrive in their work and develop better working practices
  • This enables development of better ways of working and business processes
  • Creating more happy customers
  • Which will bring more profits to organization

Balanced scorecard thinking has created a wide set of metrics for measuring all these parts. Development of social media makes it possible to bring information in a completely different level to every employee.

How to involve and enable?

Smart organization shows measured information to everyone and thus creates commitment to common goals.

Put your strategy to everyone: Business has decided that they want to increase market basket size and sales by cross-selling products:

“Excellent choice for buying a new blanket, would you like to buy new pillow also? We will have special offer for ultra designed Knockout pillows™. Very good decision, if I may say so, would you like to get also our most beautiful Silky Dream™ sheets and pillowcases?”

It will motivate employees when they can see the exact results from their sales activities like e.g. average market basket sizes. And if company adds incentives to best location or sales person it is possible to get significant sales increase from playful competition.

Of course same information can be used in the larger context to evaluate strengths of different employees. Some of them are probably better to sell certain products than others so you can decide whether to concentrate on the strengths or would it be wiser to develop weaker areas.

If your system will register persons working on cash registers, then Zoined reporting service can calculate your key performance indicators on individual level. This enables you to show employees their share of your company sales. This makes it possible to analyze how sales are divided by product groups or categories, how are results different in certain stores or at the certain time of the day and so on.

Collaboration tools combined with analytics help also to solve all kind of issues by utilizing best practises from the emplouees. As an example, here is a typical warehousing problem:

Metrics show that value of Dallas warehouse has grown faster than other locations and it seems that best warehouse management is done at Los Angeles. So, why not get people together in a common service that supports knowledge sharing. Ask from the staff working at the Dallas and Los Angeles warehouses. They are there at the location and thus know best what kinds of goods are filling their warehouses. The more effective Los Angeles staff can share how LA has solved warehouse levels problems – simple way to get results and motivation up using group problem solving combined with analytics.

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