Probabilities, you and Zoined

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein said “Every man endowed with reason and five healthy senses would say the same thing. The rose is red, smells like perfume, and feels like velvet. In other words, there is an objective reality which is conceived by the senses, and behind this objective reality are natural laws which are the privilege of the scientist to discover. Nature doesn’t know chance, it operates on mathematical principles. As I have said so many times, God doesn’t play dice with the world.”

Is that so? Do you feel that game in the markets is tough and your odds are not feeling too good? Is your business squeezed out of life by leading competitors? Do global web-businesses press down your profits and take your customers? No wonder because your competition is using loaded dice. For years they have been developing statistical and behaviorist analytical models to identify their best and worst customers and they can speak every one of them with targeted marketing.

Scientific data mining techniques support which products are bought together in a same market basket, Customer life cycle analyses segment every identified customer based on their buying recency, frequency and monetary value and market baskets to reveal underlying mosaic patterns.


When database contains favorite categories to every customer then marketing applications can tailor different message to each customer’s unique preferences thus changing irritating advertisements to useful information that mirrors our previous needs and preferences.

When company moves from mass marketing to targeted marketing conversion rate goes up and marketing costs will go down with reduced volumes. In addition to that prognosis of sales and warehouse management will help optimizing stock costs.

Capability now exists

Now it is time to move your game to same level with Zoined service. We will offer you same dice big boys are using and develop new aces into your sleeve for the coming rounds. Our service operates on plug’n’ play -principle – We will take your data and transform it to readymade reports and analysis, that have been built using same methodologies that world leading trade giants are using.

This revolutionary service will leapfrog you straight to the front row and past them because you do not have to spend millions in building and maintaining your own service. We will take care that your service is always up-to-date and works regardless of time, place and device and is safe and secure to use. We will follow for you analytic trends and create new innovations into your service and you do not have to waste time nor money with technologies and methodologies.


The dice are loaded!

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