Market Research on Business Information Analytic Needs in Finnish Wholesale and Retail Business

Zoined Oy is a company that provides fact based decision making services to small and midsized wholesale and retail businesses. Zoined Oy is conducting a market research on June-July 2012 that investigates the current state and requirements in reporting and analytic solutions in use in wholesale and retail businesses. Study is carried out in cooperation with JM Tieto Oy and PHA Consulting Oy.

The market research includes Finnish small and midsized wholesale and retail companies (yearly sales 2-100 million euros). Similar study has never been conducted in Finland.

Use of Business Intelligence

Wholesale and retail companies have a lot of valuable data of their customers’ transactional behavior. Only few companies use it as it is often deeply hidden in the IT-systems.

The better companies can utilize transactional behavior analysis of their customers the better chances for success they have as they can more effectively target marketing messages to indivudual customers or segments.

The study researches the state of Business Intelligence solutions in use in wholesale and retail business, especially whether companies use or plan to develop the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence information, market basket analysis and campaign management in targeted marketing
  • Warehouse management and inventory turnover optimization analytics
  • Socical media tools for business, innovation, task and document management and virtual meetings.
  • Time and place free services such as cloud and mobile services.

Contact information: Atte Roine, +358 40 5811 141, Zoined Oy,

Zoined Oy develops innovative information management solutions. We specialize in serving retail and wholesale industries customers and our focus is in fact based decision making. Our mission is to offer easy to use and affordable world class solutions in reporting and analytics area for small and midsized companies so that they can increase and optimize their sales.

Zoined Oy is a startup company that was founded in year 2011 and we utilize modern open source technologies in our services and provide them in a cloud model.

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