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Do you feel that technological revolution is getting ahead of your business? It seems there are every day new services, technologies, programs and devices that would make it possible to gain competitive advantage, but you are not certain how to get started or if you ask your IT department the price tag would require doubling your profits.

Traditionally Business Intelligence projects have been sold so that first you will have to buy database, application servers, programs and licenses. When you have purchased these actual data warehouse is not even started yet – you will just have tools for months long project where data warehouse is built. After this army of consultants will arrive, each of them expecting a huge salary for their talent. On top of that you will carry risks that project fails and data warehouse will never be ready and after months of hard work your money will disappear with the rear lights of your ex-consultants.

Zoined Software as a Service (SaaS) will bypass all this. We will build your data warehouse, reports and analyses into cloud using best practices. Our services are created using Open source products and packaged so that our expertise and service is at your service regardless of time and place. At the same time we can remove a zero or two from the price compared to our competitors.

If you do not believe this, please “Act on Facts” – You can test our services for free because we don’t want to sell you anything where the benefit of using our service is not considerably higher than the cost of using them.

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