Are you planning to improve your store performance in 2014?

Analytics as a Service

Zoined offers retailers a new way to utilize analytics as a ready-made service. We help stores and retail chains to make savings and improve their profitability. Using our service you can utilize the information stored by your point of sale system easily, visually and comprehensively. You get versatile analyzes out of the box and find the key changes in your sales quickly. Using our service requires no initial IT-project, so it is very easy to try out at first. Zoined is already integrated to multiple POS, ERP and web store systems.

Store Analytics 101

The largest players in retail are currently investing multimillion sums to analyze their operations, because they have proved it over and over again how the investment pays itself back manifold. Small and medium sized companies on the other hand find it difficult to come across a suitable solution, since the traditional analytics investments are expensieve and schedules tend to stretch over a long period of time. We at Zoined want you to gain access to the benefits right now.

Business Analytics – Make or Buy?

Traditionally an analytics project has included building a data warehouse and purchasing a BI software, using consultants. The problem with this approach is that the costs easily rise to hundreds of thousands, and the time spent is more than half a year, before business management can enjoy the benefits. And when the project is finally complete, you come up with a number of things you forgot to include. Zoined corrects these problems with a ready-made service, supplying you with all the necessary reports and analyzes necessary for a retail company, for a monthly fee.

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