5 Easy Steps to Boost Store Manager Performance

1) Set sales goals for your store managers. Set them for both short and long term, and be sure that they are achievable.

2) Automate the delivery of key-performance-indicators. While working at the store you don’t always have the time to dig into the POS-system for information. Visual, easily and quickly understandable reports are best. A good way for automated delivery is a preset e-mail for every morning. Store Managers are individuals and the same report might not suit best for everyone.


3) Create healthy competition by sending reports with Store Managers own stores performance compared to other stores. Some stores perform naturally better due to their locations, but you can compete with average basket value or Sales improvement compared to last year.

4) Bring your Store Managers an easy way to analyze their own performance in better detail. It is important that they can follow the success of campaigns, sales personnel, assortment choices etc.

5) Follow how the goals are being fulfilled and discuss that with the Store Managers. Set frequently new individual goals for your Store Managers.

Check an example of a practical weekly report for Store Manager >

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